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Might be next week, next year, may be 3 years from now but sooner or later you probably start thinking about going to college. Over 90 of America’s leading colleges and universities from Harvard and Hamilton and many other have come together to make the process more accessible. This is the coalition for access, affordability and success. We believe that a college education should be affordable for everyone which is why every coalition member suppose dedicated providing a full demonstrated need. Yes I believe that every student should have the resources they need to find their perfect college match. So we have created a few online college planning tools and applications. Tools are completely free and happy navigate your college search for example take a few minutes to fill out your profile and when you need it the coalition platform can automatically import this information on any number of application forms for coalition schools. This could save you from hours and hours of work down the road. The platform also include the locker a private online storage system you can save any type of material might be used to or later on when you applying to college. Essays, Artworks, Videos, Class Projects, extra-curricular work, awards or any other resources that might help you. Regardless, where you are in the college process even if you have never thought about applying to college before. You can start using a locker right now to save and organize the items which are important to you. When time comes to work on your application you have everything on your fingertips.

Coalition platform’s collaboration space is where students privately shared and discuss item from their lockers with counsellor or mentor of their choosing. A student can advice mentors start collaborating the as soon as the student creates his or her coalition account. Start with students email Monto from the platform request in the report. You know connect the mentor with collaboration space which contains one or more items the students has shared. Any item from the locker can be share with the mentor after reviewing the mentor can provide comments for the students about the shared item or items. A number of modification appearly upper corner of the item’s box indicating feedback is ready. When a student opens a shared items the mentors comment will show in the sidebar mentors changes shared items from the mentors point of view all the students shared items then list will appear list indicates how many items each student shared. When a student has respond mentors comment another notification will appearly the upper corner the item’s box have interested in mentors comment can help a student the own ideas and polish their work.

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