• For missed deadlines on projects under 5,000 words, where you have not explicitly agreed that we can extend the deadline, you would be entitled to a 15% Discount voucher* for each day the deadline was missed.
  • For missed deadlines on projects over 5,000 words, where you have not explicitly agreed that we can extend the deadline, you would be entitled to a 2.15% Discount voucher for each day the deadline was missed.
  • The discounts disclosed in 1 and 2 above refer to final deadlines, not milestones. We may offer a discretionary discount for missing a milestone payment, but this would be at the sole discretion of management.
  • You would be entitled to a full refund**** if your deadline is missed by more than 7 days for projects under 5,000 words or 14 days for projects over 5,000 words. The project would however be posted online as a free sample and not sent to you.
  • If we charge you a premium for a quicker deadline, and your work is extended beyond that deadline, you would be compensated the difference between the fee for the deadline you received, and that which you paid.
  • If your deadline was missed and the reason for that was because of a delay that may have been caused by you, we would not offer any discounts or refunds.


  • 15% Discount voucher if you have had to request amendments on the same issue more than 3 times that were not fixed by the writer.
  • 15% Discount voucher if we fail to meet your specific requirements once your work is sent to you. The work would be rewritten at no extra cost to you, and if we miss your deadline, the deadline discount vouchers would be added accordingly.
  • 15% Discount voucher if a result comes back as a C (50 - 59%) grade.
  • 20% discount voucher if a result comes back as a D (40 - 49%) grade.***
  • 30% refund from the latest project if you get a D (40 - 49%) more than 2 times, and prefer to receive a refund, rather than a discount. 50% discount voucher if you prefer a discount on a future project.
  • Like-for-Like rewrite + 30% discount voucher if you fail as a result of a service we provide. 70% refund if you fail the same assignment a second time and prefer a refund to a re-write.
  • 15% Discount voucher If you are unhappy with the quality of the work once you receive it, but have no choice than to use it due to your deadline. You must cite reasons, which would first be assessed by a member of our team.
  • We may offer a partial refund on your order if we are unable to fulfil an amendment request that is in line with the original requirements, granted that we were given appropriate notice of the amendments.


Discretionary discount voucher or refund if you are unhappy with our service for any reason. You must cite reasons for your displeasure which would be reviewed by a member of our team. Final decision is at the absolute discretion of management.


  • You may not cancel an order once your payment has been received, and the Order Confirmation has been sent. An Order Confirmation being sent reflects that an order has been started.
  • Once an order has been started, the order can no longer been cancelled. If only a deposit has been paid, we may decide to stop the writer from progressing further, and a project on par with the deposit you have made would be sent to you.
  • If after placing an order with us, you realize that you no longer require the assignment due to a change in your requirements, we may offer you a discretionary 50% discount on a new order. We would however require full payment for the initial order. However, if you do not require a new order, then a project on par with the deposit / payment you have made would be sent to you.
  • We may offer to cancel an order and grant a full refund for any of the following reasons:
    1. We have been unable to find a suitable writer for your order.
    2. The quality of the order you receive significantly falls short of your expectations, and there's insufficient time to reassign the order.

Fine Print

For the sake of clarity, discounts are calculated based on the value of the order the discount was given on, and not the value of the future project it may be applied to.

* Discounts would not be refunded in cash, but would be placed on your account against any current or future projects. Only one discount voucher can be derived from each order. Only one discount may be applied to each order.

**Refunds may be paid back in cash to your bank, credit card or PayPal account. *** Some degrees and universities have a higher cut off mark. i.e. 50 instead of 40. In order to refund for a fail over 40, you would be required to provide proof that a grade between 40 - 50 is considered a fail at your university.

**** Full refunds are only granted if you do not explicitly grant us the deadline extension.

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