$1,000 Scholarship in University of Maryland, College Park

The Master of Professional Studies in Corporate Innovation from the University of Maryland

Are you interested in leading innovation within an established company or organization? Explore the 100% online Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Corporation Innovation. Applications for the 2017 entering class are due by July 15, 2017.

Based on your enrollment in a University of Maryland course with Coursera, we are excited to offer you a $1,000 scholarship as a new applicant to the 2017 cohort of the MPS in Corporation Innovation.

Why a master’s degree in corporation innovation?

The MPS in Corporate Innovation focuses on how to create, launch, and lead innovations within established companies and large organizations. Students acquire the knowledge, competencies, and relationships to solve innovation challenges with courses designed to:

  • Think beyond current paradigms in order to discover innovation needs and envision impact through strategic idea and concept development;

  • Leverage ideas for new corporate ventures to create sustainable business models aligned with customer needs and wants in competitive marketplaces;

  • Understand the value of data collection and analysis for decision making, and how to translate product and service ideas into marketable solutions;

  • Manage commercialization challenges efficiently and effectively through negotiations and problem solving; and

  • Lead the creation and launch of corporate ventures through appropriate business development, risk management, financing, and value extraction strategies.

What is the student experience?

With a 100% online curriculum designed by faculty experienced in corporate venturing, our 15-month program is designed for active faculty-student engagement and applied learning. Our learning model includes live and recorded video lectures to maximize the flexibility for students to learn at times that are convenient for them. Our 10-course curriculum can be completed in 15-months, with students enrolling in two 3-credit courses per 12-week term. The course sequence for the program is:

  1. Innovative Ideas and Concept Development
  2. Strategies for Managing Innovation

  3. Business Modeling and Customer Validation

  4. Innovative Thinking
  5. Data Analysis and Decision Making
  6. Managing Product Development and Production
  7. Marketing and Selling Innovations

  8. Negotiating and Problem Solving

  9. Financing Innovation and Growth
  10. Building and Leading Innovative Organizations

Interested in learning more?

To claim your $1,000 scholarship, and to learn more, visit us here. Apply by July 15, 2017, for the August 2017 entering class.



Dr. James V. Green – Director of Entrepreneurship Education – Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) – University of Maryland

P.S. The deadline for applying for the August 2017 class of the MPS in Corporate Innovation is fast approaching. Applications are due by July 15, 2017. All that’s required of most applicants is a statement of interest, resume, and transcript. GMAT, GRE, and reference letters are not required.

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