Most Common Interview Questions Asked By Admission Counselor

For some people, applying to a college is the toughest thing to do. The personal statements, essays and other documents that you have to collect and submit are a whole process. What most people do not realize is that; the process does not end here. After sending these documents and your initial application, come the interviews. The interviews are one of the most important things that will determine whether you get an admission in the university or not. The lucky thing is that the interviews have a very set pattern. In most cases, there are no new questions being asked of the candidates.  If you know what these questions are, you can prepare for them beforehand and ace your interview. We have compiled some of the most typical interview questions asked by an admission counselor. Go through these and you will notice a significant change in your confidence and preparation.

The Reason You Are Applying To This Particular College

The admission counselor wants to know why you are interested in their college. You need to ask yourself why you have applied to this college alone. There are so many options, and you could have chosen any one of them but why did you go for this one? There must be several reasons but keep in mind that you do not want to bore the interviewer. Choose some of the most interesting points and elaborate them.

There are certain points you should avoid mentioning. The first is the talk about money. Even though the college you applied to is one of the best and will help you land a great job, you cannot mention this. That’ll make you look desperate. The second point is talking about how all your friends applied to this college and you want to be with them. College is a time when you need to learn to grow up and be independent. This point contradicts that. Avoid it at all costs.

Talk About Yourself

The interviewer will definitely ask you this question. The whole purpose of the interview is so that the administration can know you better and make a decision whether they want to admit you or not. The place where students go wrong in this question is that they start talking about their past, the whole “I grew up here” “I have these many siblings” etc., etc. The counselor does not want to hear that. You need to think about the answer to this question because you have to tell your life story in a few minutes and make it interesting.

Good replies in this issue will revolve around expressing something unique about you. Is there something you can do that no one at your house or school can do? Is there some secret collection that you have? Do you have some ambition or are passionate about something that is extraordinary? These are things you have to find out about yourself. Try to be as short but as exciting as you possibly can. Do not go for the distinct personality traits that you have or that anyone, in general, will have.

The Person You Admire The Most

You were asked this question since you were a kid. From a young age, we are asked about who our idols are and who do we admire the most. Now you are a student in your late teens. You need to rethink your idols. You have to be a mature person and make sure your answer is not vague or childish.

Most students tend to say that they are their own idols. This answer is not a good one. It gives an impression of being arrogant. Students think that this answer can come across as intellectual but it is not. When you think about it, you cannot say anything in this without coming off as self-centered. So be careful in this question and do not make the mistake of answering it with your name.

Reason Why You Chose The Particular Major

In some cases, students do not specify their major in the beginning and wait to take a few classes before making a decision. In such situations, it is okay to answer with complete honesty and say that you have not decided yet and will choose something once you get the chance to attend a few classes.

In other cases, students have already chosen a major and want to go ahead with it. If the interviewer asks you this, you have to make sure you know the reasons behind your choice. This is not a difficult question because before applying for the major you have the reasons. In this issue again do not say that this major will help you make a lot of money. Avoid the money talk. Even if that is the actual reason behind why you decided to choose the subjects you did, do not say it out loud. Money talk will never impress the counselors. Show how you are passionate about the subject. How you have always loved it since you were a kid. What are the best things about the subject? Make it enjoyable.

What Is The Most Difficult Situation You Handled Well?

This question can be asked in your personal essay as well. You can give the same answer here but mention only the important details that will cover the story and also make it exciting. Handling a challenge will always be exciting. Add all the scary parts. Add all the beautiful parts too. The college admin wants to find out if you can handle the challenges and problems that will be thrown your way during the study. Sometimes the pressure will be a lot to take in. Are you prepared for that?

Make sure you prepare an answer for this question. It is more a recount but to make it interesting you would have to work on it. Say something with which you can relate your university life. The future holds many surprises. Are you ready?

How Do You Pass Your Free Time?

Again, a very common question and often under-prepared. Students tend to give boring answers to it. This question is asking about your hobbies but not just that. You cannot only say you get any free time. That will just show how indulged you are in your studies and how you do not have any social life. Remember that colleges are looking for a complete package. The social life is as important as the study life. The social life has to be healthy, though. You can mention some of your favorite books here if you like to read. Or if you have any favorite sport that you play.

Show how you are the one the college has to admit. Be unique and even if you feel you are not unique, and your interests are very common, make sure you present them in an engaging manner. Sometimes the simple things make all the difference.

Several other questions are commonly asked too, but prepare for the basics before you go for the more advanced stuff, have confidence in yourself, do practice interviews with a teacher or your parents. You are sure to get a place in your dream college if you know what to say at the admissions interview.

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