Is Your Online Academic Program Course Legit?

It might be a bit confusing to some that what we mean by an online program being legit. Well, at this moment legitimate we mean that does the program you’ve enrolled to is accepted and acknowledged in the eyes of possible future employers and higher academic institutions.

How To Know If your’ Online Academic Program/Course Is Legit?

People usually are more concerned with other factors relating to the programs such as the cost, and if they’ll be able actually to afford the full education or not? The quality of the facilities that are being provided by the academic institution, matching their goals and the prospects that the program will provide, the full time and part time faculties and what not. Admittingly all these factors are very crucial in choosing a proper academic program, but when it comes to an online program, other aspects such as being accredited are a little more vital.

But Why Should I Care?

Here’s why you should care about the validity of your online program; not only are you investing your money, effort, and resources in this program but most importantly your time.

The years you’re gonna dedicate to this program you’ll never get back and how would you feel if all of that was for nothing. Many online programs declare so many wondrous things that just seem too good to be true and let us tell you that they most certainly are false.

Many online programs will guarantee job opportunities immediately after graduation and make it seem like all you need to do now is relax as you’re a part of their team. And that is a load of bull. One point all students need to understand is that online or a traditional program, you need to play your part.

So How Do I Identify If It is Legit or Not?

If you want to know that your online program is legit or not then look whether if;

  • Is the institution accredited?
  • Is there a traditional campus affiliated with it?
  • Is it representing a respectable academic brand?
  • Is the organization that credited your program reliable?

1. Is The Program Accredited?

It’s essential for you to know if the online program is accredited or not. But what is Accreditation? Defined simply it’s the quality approval, from an external and reliable organization such as “The council” or “The U.S department of education”, of an academic institution.

If the program is not attributed then, your degree has little to no value in the practical world. Any respected university will not transfer your credits if your program was not accredited, nor will it grant you an admission in its graduate and postgraduate programs, and the chances of you getting a job with such a degree are not that hot either.

So let’s go over it one more time shall we if no accreditation of your program then that means no;

  • No transfer of credits to any prestigious university/college.
  • No admission is a graduate or postgraduate program (for undergraduates’ and associates’ degree holders).
  • This in terms means no good jobs for you.

How to check the accreditation of your online program?

A few ways you can check the official approval of an online program are;

    • Checklists issued by renowned accrediting administrations.
    • Go to the website of that institution; accreditations are a reason for pride to any institute. They don’t hide them but show them openly.
    • If you can’t find any proof of accreditation on their website, then contact them and ask about their certifications.

      2. Is There a Traditional Campus Affiliated with The online program?

    • There are lots of benefits if your online program has a campus allied with it. The possibility of a hybrid program becomes available; you have the chance in participating in school activities. Plus having a traditional campus makes your online application more reliable in the eyes of employers and other universities.

3. Is it representing a Respectable Academic Brand?

There’s a reason why an online program with a traditional campus should be more desirable to students; it should be their first pick. If an online program is affiliated with a university/college campus then it represents that college’s academic brand, a brand that has gained approbation through its years of services. Having a reputable academic marque can make a lot of difference in you getting a job or an entrance into a program for a higher degree. In conclusion, you’ll have;

      • Better and valuable education.
      • Better chances of getting a good job.
      • Better chance of acceptance in a higher academic program like MA and Ph.D.

It’s relatively easy to find out all these things about any online or traditional academic institution, just look on their website or do a litter searching on google.


4. Is The Organization That Credited Your Program Reliable?

You might be asking yourself that; why I must do this?

So here’s the answer. If your program even is accredited but by an organization that is not accepted as a reliable accreditor well, then that’s the same as your online program having no sanction at all.

Internationally there’s always “The International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education” (INQAAHE), and if you’re looking for regional, then you have the “Council of Regional Accrediting Commissions” (C-RAC).

These are just two, but many other organizations are providing reputable accreditation to both online and traditional programs and it not that hard to find if your online program is on their list or not.

Some Things You Need To Take Under Consideration While Looking For An Online Academic Program.

There’re a few red flags that all students must find in any online program they want to be a part of;

    • The institution has only been around a couple of years. This is a big red flag like this in term affects their degree’s value in the market.
    • The “Everything is too easy” red flag. If the studies and assignments seem much easier, than you’d predicted then reevaluate, this is an indication of mediocre education.
    • Over the top and unrealistic guarantees, if the program is offering things that sound way too good to be real then that is a red flag. Ask yourself; do really wanna be in a program that is lying through its teeth?
    • Does the campus has this program in their curriculum or is it just one of their online facilities. This fact can tell you a lot about the importance as well as the opportunities related to that program.

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